Suitcase, Antwerp, Belgium

Suitcase is prepacking a box ( Suitcase) of well curated designer clothes and shoes to their online customers, which have provided them with the essential style needs. They also offer personal stylists and events in house to help the customers the best possible way.

Your Store, Antwerp, Belgium

YOUR premium store might already be known all over the world for winning the “Best Fashion Retailer of the World Award” by WeAr Global Magazine.

People from all over the world visit the store and experience the “YOUR way of shopping” every single day. YOUR is a unique and exciting shopping experience where the customer and the carefully selected products are king.

A 1100m2 unique designed space, in combination with a constant evolving range of products ensures the YOUR brand grows along with its customers and brands.

Moose In The City, Antwerp, Belgium

MOOSE in the CITY, located in the fashion district of Antwerp, opened its doors in August 2011. 

The inspiration comes from the North, where urban and nature, humans and animals, usable and design, harmoniously merge together.

All influenced by each other but leaving enough space for self development.
MOOSE in the CITY is offering a perfect forum for a great variety of Scandinavian designers, aswell for established as for young innovating brands.

Big floor plan allows Moose to experiment and offer the best of the best whether its food, fashion or lifestyle.