Wardrobe 19, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wardrobe 19 gives their take on the modern man's wardrobe by honoring and redefining solid and timeless menswear, creating a more contemporary context with an inquisitive eye for hidden details and modified fits.
The store's inventory consists of old furniture pieces, given new functions with references to Surrealists such as Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte.
Wardrobe 19 is not only redefining classic menswear, but also old furniture and knick knack as expressed throughout the inventory. 
This adds new functions for old pipes, turning them into hooks, walking sticks as racks, and chairs hanging on the walls as if the seats were shelves.
The same ideas behind the selection of brands were used to decorate the shop, leaving Wardrobe 19 with its unique and complete identity.

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