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Timeless menswear shirts from Journal

As you may know - here at Journal we care for exceptional quality, as well as extraordinary design. This is our shirts section, and when looking through our fine selection of Journal shirts for men, you will surely realize that we are not messing with you. We produce and design classic menswear in accordance with contemporary fashion, with a strong focus on premium quality and an experimental approach to fabric and design. 

Because of our urge to experiment with design, we often establish collaborations with various artists, resulting in the creation of unique and limited edition shirts. A brilliant example of a limited edition shirt based on collab with Journal is our Ingvar Cronhammar shirt, where each shirt is uniquely made and contains various unpredictable elements made thanks to highly complex production procedures.

Shop limited edition shirts from Journal online

Most of our shirts are made in 100% cotton, but you will be surprised to see how much cotton fabric can actually vary, when reading through the different product descriptions in our shirts collection. There are lots of physical high-end fashion stores worldwide that will be delighted to show you some of the Journal shirts they have in store. 

But in case none of them are in your local area, we are always happy to help. Whatever you buy through our official online store, will be delivered to you free of charge, no matter where you are.