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Journal - Specially treated knits for men

Here at Journal, we take great pride in making clothes of the highest quality, and our knitwear is no exception to that. we offer a carefully produced and designed collection of knits with a classic touch, most of them made in 100% wool, others made in 100% cotton. We have cardigans which have gone through special boiling treatment to achieve a softer touch (and great texture), and then we have our Rise Knit. 

Produced by knit machines from Germany, that some would claim to be among the finest machines in the world in regards to knitting. When we say we care about quality menswear, we mean it. Every knit in our collection has been through some sort of specialized treatment, in order to create products of not only the highest quality, but special quality too. 

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Our knitwear can warm you up throughout the harsh winter seasons, but can also be useful during summer evenings. Our knits are made to stay relevant in your wardrobe no matter the season, and to help you stay classy one year after another. The knits you can find in this section will endure for long, despite frequent usage, thanks to the care we take during both the production and design process of each knitwear product, as well as the various special treatments they go through. 

Due to the timeless design in accordance with contemporary fashion, our knits can be used for both the cozy evenings at home, days at the office or nights out partying, since they are as classy as they are comfortable. You can find our knit collection inside various physical high-end fashion stores worldwide, where you can try them on and find out for yourself what we’re talking about. In case there are none of these stores close by, we recommend you use us, Journal’s official online store, as we will personally handle the packaging, and pay your shipping costs no matter your location, so that you don’t have to.