Journal X Randers Handsker

For our Autumn 2016 collection 'Gravity', we are proud to launch a collaboration with the worlds oldest glove manufacturer, Randers Handsker. Get the story about the collaboration in the video footage beneath.

Randers Handsker is the oldest glove maker in the world, with more than 200 years of experience in manufacturing high quality gloves. Their ability to time and again exceed the expectations of quality, craftsmanship and knowhow have made them royal purveyors to the Danish royal family throughout many years

The origin and the type of skins selected to make our collaboration with Randers Handsker, are of the finest quality. Together with a carefully controlled tanning operation carried out by some of the absolutebest tanners, these gloves are a definitive top-of-the-line product

Our two different gloves are both made in lambskin. We see a subtility and finesse in this quality, which gives the gloves a refined look and a feeling of “second skin” to the hand. Together with teddy- and wool lining the gloves exceptionally comfortable. It is also worth noticing that the gloves are given a final treatment to be water repellant.