Nordic Tales Cooperation

We recently made a cooperation with local neighbors Nordic Tales , which vision is to be a part of the Scandinavian design tradition.

We displayed on the racks called "framed" and the "poet" table which made the recently educated architect Martin win " Design talent of the year " . Both items are inspired by the Nordic aesthetics and is true to the company philosophy where designer and product go hand in hand from sketch to final design and further into the retail stores.

Autumn Collaboration

For our coming Autumn collection, we had the privilege to collaborate with Swiss architects Holzer/Kobler. The Autumn 2014 collection is inspired by one of their Masterpieces, a stunning building called Paläeon…soon the collection is delivered to the shops and we will give you the full story .


Summer 2014


Journals Summer 2014 Collection is inspired by the grave contrast of beautiful city Corralejo. Based in the Atlantic Ocean in spanish colony Fuerteventura, the beaches, the light and the reflection of the sea shows the citys amazing mix of colours.

The complexity of being both a bohemian haven and a stereotypical tourist trap at the same time, shows the citys two faces. All depending on where you make a turn you will either find a typical main street full of european tourists or a hidden surfers paradise.


Reflections of the eclectic surroundings is the key word for the Summer 2014 Collection; colours from the sea, graphic shapes, tourist styling but with a carefree bohemian feel.

This collection emphasize our signature fabric consiousness; silk blend yarns, indigo dyed linen from Italy, jaqard woven and garment dyed items ,liberty art fabrics drawn by artist OK David, all defines the collection.

Journal Summer 2014 Collection ’Corralejo’ is a carefree yet well defined collection, with the characteristic Journal signature.

The collection is available in selected shops from mid April 2014.

Artist Jacob Dahlstrup

Certain things just catch your eye. Danish artist Jacob Dahlstrup seems to give his paintings and art that little extra catch.

We love his pencil drawn pieces, which sometimes are combined with a specially developed technique of hand embossing paper with a tattoo needle.

Since his education on Glasgow School of Art, he has been exhibiting extensively in galleries in Europe as well as the US. 

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