Autumn 2016


A heavy weight which is embracing you, but at the same time pulling you down is in short the polarity of gravity. On a more specific note the thesis say that an object always has a counter object, a core to which it is always drawn to.

On earth this makes gravitation a downward moving force. Always connected to a movement or a transition from one state to another equivalent to running paint, atmospheric precipitation, a falling object or the essence of the ageing process.

This movement and state of transition weather it is for the human body or an object, creates new characteristic lines and unforseen shapes. The transition as seen on the irregular stripe cardigan, the downward facing movement in the length of the coats, the 'meeting' of two counterpoles in the leather gloves from our co-lab with Randers Handsker, irregularity in the jacquard pattern of Horizon stripe knit, high quality fabrics as Danish knitted Tuck knit and german produced Rise knit in new colors, are made to endure and all together sum up the look of the autumn 2016.