Architect Kevin Hviid

Kevin Hviid

Our interest in various art forms and architecture made us notice Kevin Hviid.

Kevin Hviid is the founder of the brand with the same name. He is a talented architect from Copenhagen and is a very recognizable architect, with a strong understanding of angles and geometries and a playful approach to the architectural lines. He graduated in 2008 and is a Danish upcoming architect, who forges ahead. An architect you have to remember.

Kevin has many projects in his mind. He already made many different projects in cooperation with some big brands as Johan Bülow, Vitamin well Water and has designed furniture for companies like FRAMA and Nomess. Kevin advises both small and large companies in the private and public sectors.


Q: How did you get started? 

A: It has been a process, more than something I determinedly set out to do. Meanwhile, in retrospective I guess it was an unavoidable path with my constant need to feed my creative soul + I’ve always been independent naturally, wanting to find my own way and ways. The thing is I would still be drawing designs, even if other people didn’t like them (for my own sake). Fortunately they do; at least most of them. So, it has very much been starting from the bottom, and well, - now we're here.

Q: Have you always wanted to become an architect?

A: Subconsciously, yes. Architecture has been my way of communicating, expressing myself. And it’s my way of exploring.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?

A: Inspiration is everywhere. I like to put things together and to disassemble them: “to Lego with the world”... trying to connect things differently, and create references to something new. Forcing a gentle brain overload can make a dramatic improvement!



Q: Briefly describe: What is the unique about your designs? 

A: I’ve always had a great interest in the human body, behavior, and the way we interact with each other, both in big and small scale. I like to think of my designs as a support to the human form. For instance, the natural curves of the body have played a significant role in the process of making the Queen chair (cf. below). Typical for my design are strong and simple lines together with a sculptural look, - with a design that hopefully invites you to touch it/sit on it etc.


Q: What would be your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs/ architects today?

A: Follow your gut. And be tactile (this is so important in the digital world of today). AND never assume that you're stuck with the way things are.


Q: When you have a new idea in mind, how do you get started? How is the process?

A: I toss and turn my ideas and always build small models of them. It is so important for me to see and touch everything in my design process. Shape, thickness, material and weight are tested again and again, as to get the precise results. You can create the most beautiful rendering on screen, which is awful design when produced in reality.


Q: Describe a perfect day for you? 

A: My beautiful girlfriend and son are lying laughing in bed next to me – we’re awake..

I pass by the workshop to test a new detail – we’re started.

A client is confident and jumps into a new challenging project - it gets exciting..

I'm meeting my girlfriend, son and good friends for dinner at the local bistro in Paris - now it's cozy..

Back in bed (king size!) all of us (well, not the friends), after a day full of constant brain stimuli.


Q: As an entrepreneur you will always have some challenges and make mistakes. What is the biggest mistake you've made?

A: Believing that everyone has the same passion and desire as I do.

Kevin has launched a collection of chairs, including one with a seat back that looks like an oversized bow tie, the King. The seat is one in a range of four produced by Kevin, which he created to "challenge the typical design of a classic chair”. The Queen design has a high oval back, which is made from a single piece of soft leather that curves down to form a seat.

A design project where the designs are inspired everything from the above dimensions and funny angles to beautiful silhouettes and aesthetics.


Q: At Journal we love your "King and Queen chairs”.  Can you describe this project/designs? 

A: I'm really pleased that you like the chairs. King and Queen are two of four chairs in our recent “a collection of chairs”. The main starting point behind the project was to challenge the typical design of a classic chair, and to challenge the point of balance and assembly structure.

King stands big and proud with an over-dimensioned seat-back in foam, while

Queen stands with its high back and fine silhouette. The project actually started off with the King chair. But from there on Queen, and Jack and Ace were added to the collection as I experimented with angles, posture, heights and looks.


Hviid Damsbo consists of the two architects Kevin Hviid and Mikkel Damsbo. In a partnership that spans furniture design, architecture and interior design. Both are trained as architects from the School of Architecture dept. 6 and has a great interest in furniture design and design in general.


Q: Besides your own designs, you also have a partnership with Mikkel Damsbo called “Hviiddamsbo”. What does Co-operation mean to you and what makes a good team?

A: The best one can do is to work with others. I am up for collabs with (almost..) everybody! It challenges your normcore and can be so rewarding if both parts go into it with an open mindset. Mikkel and I studied together and meet a couple of times per to draw a bit together. We are so different that it seems scary, but we have a good understanding of each other’s aesthetic.



Q: What project/design are you most proud of?

A: My son. Born this December.


Q: Any new projects in the pipeline?

A: Yes! New chairs, a new table, a stool – just to name a few. 

See more of Kevins works here :