Autumn 2015


Silent and stripped lies the Jutlandic heath. In the midst rises an enormous circular black steelinstallation called Elia. As an extraterestrial element which has grown into its new surroundings.

A feeling of awe and suspense surrounds the installation in grave contrast to the silence of the heath.

Teasing with a massive pillar of fire randomly spewn within set intervals, it  still lacks to release the immense echo when lightning hits the columns.

The combination of these contrasts sum up to a visual mix of heavy machinery and references to amish, focussing on simplicity, suspence, volume and high quality.

These are the dynamics which creates the journal autumn 2015 collection.

Also note style ‘ingvar shirt ’ which we made in collaboration with artist ingvar cronhammar. The collaboration shirt " 28 14 21" is available online and shops globally from end august.


Journal Autumn 2015 is available in shops globally from mid August .