Summer 2015

'Dissecting Grounds'


Most shapes consists of various elements which together form another form. When dissecting any figure, the origin of all shapes will fall back to two very basic shapes: the line and the circle, which in this sense serve as the ground of all.


The simplicity yet various use of these shapes have set their mark on history in many different ways.

In the 1820's stripes were firstly implemented in textile use for the prison uniforms, resembling the bars. This is how the stripes became the ultimate badge of disgrace. Later on the stripes were taken up by avant garde designers and artists to eventually become the classic basic it is today.

The use of the circle is a trademark for japanese artist yayoi kusama and has been since the early sixties when she started what seamed like a polka dot movement. 'the circle has the shape of both the sun and the moon, with the same energy and calmness. Polka dots are a way to infinity'- kusama says both shapes are today considered classics and eternal in their form, in spite of their diverse and sometimes radical use.

This is what creates the ground for the journal summer 2015 collection. The collection is available early may in shops.