Line Riisager

We are fascinated by local artist Line Riisager. She constantly challenge the ceramics and work at a very high technical lewel. The fusion of the aesthetic yet grotesque expression, play together in a refined and detailed shape , and tricks the eye as well as the mind. Read more in our Q & A with Line.

What are you working on right now?
Right now i am working on new sculptures for upcoming exhibitions. Making new molds, experimenting with glaze and in general working on my artistic expression is also taking up my time.

How would you describe your work of art?
I work sculptural , in the field narrative ceramic. I am a story teller, and my sculptures often tend to reflect human relations, dilemmas, and society in general. The conflicts, dramas which often appears behind closed doors fascinates me. I am drawn towards the human nature and what hides in the dark deep corners of the mind. For me it is also important that the viewer can dig into the pieces and that the stories they tell can move your mind in various directions.

Dream exhibition / place to exhibit?
With no doubt , the ultimate place to exhibit would for me be Moma, in New York. In generel i dream about getting my art out and around the world.

Biggest proffesional accomlishment so far? 
A exhibition at one of the coolest national galleries, Charlotte Fogh gallery.

Plans ?
So far 2 exhibitions is planned. I join the danish art fair in january , where charlotte fogh gallery also represent me. Then i join “makers of today” in may-june at kunsthal nord. Beside the exhibitions i plan to travel the world for inspiration, as i have been granted a travel scholarship

Learn more about Line : https://www.Facebook.Com/lineriisager

Photos by Frederikke Møller Larsen