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A collection of Journal jackets for men

Production and design of our jackets, and products in general, is something we care about immensely. High quality is something, but special quality is what we may call a whole different playing field. Your favorite jacket shouldn’t just last for a few years, but much longer, and it shouldn’t just look good, it should look better than great. 

We use great materials to achieve this, but great materials alone does not make a better than great jacket. Design also matters a lot, and especially the production method is what counts, both in regards to looks and endurance. We try every season to refine what it means to be a man of contemporary fashion, by introducing our take on classy clothing as well as the more casual style, and much of it with a classic touch to it.

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We gave the job of fabric production to a family driven fabric mill from italy, because they have been making top quality fabrics for centuries. These people are experienced, and we wanted to experiment a little with that, so we took the wool yarns, and chose to twist the black and navy colors a bit, resulting in a beautiful shadow effect, creating a challenging yet classic look. 

What we ended up with was our very own version of a better than great wool parka jacket. If you have any interest in trying on our jackets before making a decision, there are plenty of high end fashion stores you can visit to do just that. But if you have already chosen one of our jackets as your new long lasting favorite, the better choice would surely be our official online shop. No matter your location, we will take care of the shipping costs for you.