Welcome to Journal’s official online shop

Journal is a Scandinavian clothing brand with a keen eye for premium quality menswear, located in Denmark. The name “Journal” reflects the sum of our experiences as well as our daily observations in the fashion industry, in terms of both quality, shape, fabrics and relations. A personal interest in regards to various artforms, architecture, literature and science is influences the design process of Journal clothing, resulting in a timeless yet challenging expression for each collection.


We like to think big in order to follow our dreams in creating Journal fashion, We take bold choices and combine our experience with our urge to experiment, in order to generate both dynamic and classic Journal clothes which you can wear season after season.


Journal clothing - timeless yet experimental fashion of premium quality


Journal is a both timeless and contemporary clothing brand of Danish design. Through our elaborate choice of fabrics and designs, we intend to personally introduce you to a new and refined take on casual clothing in accordance with contemporary men’s fashion. You can find Journal clothing in a wide range of high-end fashion stores worldwide, as well as here in our official online store. 

We want to reach out to you no matter where you are located, which is why we have chosen to provide you all with free global shipping on orders above £100, whenever you’re making a purchase through our official webshop. Quality, design and innovation is what matters most to us in the process of making Journal clothing, and we sincerely hope you will enjoy our hard work and dedication by making good use of each and every item we have provided to your wardrobe.